Detecting and Neutralizing Cyber-Threats From Sunup to Sunup

Cyber Threat Detection

The dangers of external threats or rogue employees mean you must be on constant watch across your enterprise at all times. From the perimeter to the desktop, we cover your entire enterprise through next-generation firewalls, modern threat analytics and a suite of endpoint protection technologies.

Technology that helps you:

  • Maximize your ability to block threats to reduce risk
  • Identify & neutralize threats before a breach occurs
  • Implement rapidly and manage easily
  • Reduce compliance costs
  • Remove complexity from security operations

Security Analytics / SIEM

Machine learning and advanced correlation technology enable you to identify malicious activity and take immediate action before they result in costly breaches.

Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

We bring you Industry-leading signature-based and signature-less advanced threat detection technology to help keep malicious traffic from getting inside your global enterprise or even your home office.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Technology that gives you real-time or scheduled alerts when critical system files or the registry are changed on a server, POS device or endpoint, to help you meet PCI Compliance standards.

Endpoint Protection

Real-time protection for your servers, desktops and other endpoints across your enterprise from malware, viruses and zero-day exploits.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

We offer a comprehensive enterprise to endpoint threat prevention platform that helps secure your infrastructure by controlling who and what gets in and out of your enterprise.

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