Cyber Security Expertise to Help Strengthen Your Security Operations

Cyber Security Consulting

We bring together expertise, strategic insight, process and technology to help organizations assess and understand areas of security vulnerability and compliance gaps. We then provide the strategic guidance to help strengthen their security posture, increase the level of Cyber Security Maturity, and respond more effectively when fires arise.

How we help you be more secure

  • Strengthen your security defenses by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities
  • Take the mystery out of reaching your desired level of Security Maturity
  • Expertise in incident response, security event investigation and forensics
  • Regularly test the strength of your security with our Certified Offensive Security staff

Security and Compliance Assessments

Gain visibility into your security and compliance strengths and weaknesses — and close those gaps — with our service. We’ll track your progress and give you the tools to clearly articulate your position to your stakeholders.

Vulnerability Scanning

A strong defense starts with knowing where your vulnerabilities lie, then closing them quickly. We’ll help you with these tasks and keep your systems and devices up to date and patched.

Penetration Testing

Through a Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Test on your network, we’ll analyze the target environment for vulnerabilities then attempt to get past your defenses undetected. You’ll receive a detailed report of the test, vulnerabilities identified and specifics for any successful penetration.

Incident Response & Forensics

When a security incident occurs, our security experts immediately investigate and neutralize the threat. We also bring industry leading technology from LogRhythm to analyze logs, describe the event chain and quickly get to the root of the incident to inform counter and prevent.

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