Getting an A+ in cyber defense from the Secret Service

BY Brian Bilodeau

On October 15th, the Information Security Manager from Oral Roberts University called and informed us they were going into a meeting with the Secret Service to discuss increased security measures to be put in place for Vice President Pence’s visit on that Thursday.  Later that day we agreed on a plan and put it into action.  Following the successful visit, and a great report card from the Secret Service, Oral Roberts University CIO, Michael Mathews, shared a letter with us and we proudly share highlights from that with you below.

“On Oct 17, 2018 Oral Roberts University and 1440 Security proved that true IT and security professionals are always ready for that surprise visit. It is one thing to see how well your campus handles a fake/test phishing scam, yet a whole new level to get a call from the U.S. Secret Service because Vice President Pence is doing a surprise visit in a few days. This is the exact pop quiz that was upon ORU three days before the visit…

ORU immediately engaged the expertise of their data security partner, 1440 Security; as ORU had a three year standing reputation to uphold. ORU was already voted the safest campus in Oklahoma in 2016 and in the top three for the past two years. This safety rating was accomplished by the combined efforts of the security and IT teams.

After three days of intense security scans by the U.S. Secret Service…the IT U.S. Secret Service agent said “well done, this may very well be the best professionalism in the area of physical and data security we have seen.” “The work of Peter Kovaleski, Matt Mayer, Ron Lee, and Spencer Toland are truly world-class and worthy of recognition at this level,” says Michael Mathews, VP of Technology and Innovation at ORU. “Our work and seamless partnership with 1440 Security is a world-class partnership that is difficult to find…We could not be more proud and pleased that this relationship produced a result that was complimentary of the U.S. Secret Service,” said Mathews.

A campus of the 21st century with all the smart IoT devices and globally networked connections cannot be taken for granted. Even though ORU was pleased with the results of the VP visit, they realize the real test of great security is the ability to secure and monitor any attempts to degrade or interrupt service for students, faculty and staff in a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year environment.

“What a privilege is was to team up with Oral Roberts University to provide enhanced cyber threat defense during Vice President Pence’s visit.  ORU’s team led by Ron Lee are great partners and know how to collaborate to produce the best results.  1440 Security is in the business of protecting critical assets 24x7x365 for our clients, and we were thrilled to be on high alert for the University and our Vice President of the United States of America,’ said Brian Bilodeau, President of 1440 Security.”


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