Complete Endpoint Protection

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Every MinuteSM Endpoint Protection delivers behavior based next generation malware defense and managed threat detection services leveraging Gartner leading endpoint protection solutions to provide pre-infection Next Generation Anti-Virus and Endpoint Detection and Response, to contain attacks, prevent data leakage and block malware communications.

The Malware Problem - Evolution Of Pre And Post Infection

Modern malware is evolving at a rapid rate and most traditional security defenses are failing to detect in an efficient timeframe. Effective endpoint security defenses must account for pre and post infection scenarios.

The Vendor Problem – Leave You Blind And Impose Burden

Traditional and next generation antivirus (AV and NGAV) can be blind to sophisticated and state sponsored malware. Traditional endpoint detection and response (EDR) burdens security organizations with too many alerts and manual processes, hiring additional people and injecting more processes for breach response.

The Solution – 1440 Security Gives You Protection Without The Burden

  • 1440 Security provides a single lightweight security agent that has comprehensive NGAV and automated EDR capabilities.
  • Mundane EDR tasks are automated and this helps security teams contain malware, protect data leakage and block any malware communications real-time to stop post infection impact of malware.
  • 1440 Every MinuteSM EndPoint Protection eliminates breach response time gap and optimizes the security team's capabilities to hunt and conduct forensics on their own timeline.
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Every MinuteSM Endpoint Protection Features

  • Unified and modular endpoint security agent
  • NGAV and automated EDR that contains and blocks malware real-time
  • Cloud managed platform on premise or hosted
  • Real-time blocking and containment of malware pre and post infection
  • Broad endpoint OS support
  • Threat hunting & incident response capabilities
  • Protect data leakage from post infection

Every MinuteSM EndPoint Protection Benefits

  • Manage endpoint security at scale
  • Automate mundane endpoint security tasks for your people
  • Eliminate breach response time altogether
  • Protect endpoints even when infected
  • Preserve business continuity post infection
  • Improve SOC efficiency

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