Intrusion Detection and Protection

Protection Against Today’s Stealthy Threats

Your network faces advanced stealthy attacks that can evade traditional detection methods, leaving applications and data exposed to crippling breaches and downtime. Unfortunately, most organizations lack the financial and operational resources to implement and manage the combination of tools and technologies required to provide an adequate defense.

1440 Every MinuteSM Intrusion Detection and Prevention combines intelligent threat prevention with intuitive security management to improve detection accuracy and streamline security operations. No single malware detection technology can prevent all attacks—which is why we use the McAfee NSP layers multiple signature and signature-less detection engines to help prevent unwanted malware from wreaking havoc on your network. It performs deep inspection of network traffic by using a combination of advanced technologies, including full protocol analysis, threat reputation, and behavior analysis to detect and protect against malware callbacks, denial-of-service (DoS), zero-day attacks, and other advanced threats.

Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention from 1440 Security monitors and blocks any data flows with malicious intent. You will be able to:

  • Advanced Threat Prevention
  • Advanced Intrusion Prevention
  • Botnet And Malware Callback Protection
  • DoS and DDoS Prevention
  • Mcafee Global Threat Intelligence
  • High Availability
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Advanced Features

  • Inbound Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) decryption
  • Supports Diffie-Hellman (DH) and Elliptic-Curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) ciphers using an agent-based, shared key solution with no impact on sensor performance (patent pending, for NS-series)
  • Outbound SSL decryption (NS-series)
  • McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware Emulation engine
  • PDF JavaScript emulation engine
  • Adobe Flash behavioral analysis engine
  • Advanced evasion protection
  • Mobile threat reputation and cloud analysis
  • IP defragmentation and TCP stream reassembly
  • McAfee, user-defined, and open-source signatures
  • Native support for Snort signatures (NS-series)
  • Whitelist/blacklist enhancements in support of Structured Threat Information eXpression (STIX) (NS-series)
  • Host quarantine and rate limiting
  • Inspection of virtual environments
  • Integration with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense
  • HTTP response decompression support

Additional Features

  • DNS/DGA fast flux callback detection
  • DNS sinkholing
  • Heuristic bot detection
  • Multiple attack correlation
  • Command and control database
  • File and IP reputation
  • Application and protocol reputation
  • Geo-location
  • Whitelisting based on McAfee Global Threat
  • Intelligence categories
  • Threshold and heuristic-based detection
  • Host-based connection limiting
  • Self-learning, profile-based detection
  • Active-active and active-passive with stateful failover
  • External fail-open (active)
  • Built-in fail-open
  • Protocol tunneling support
  • IPv6
  • V4-in-V4, V4-in-V6, V6-in-V4, and V6-in-V6 tunnels
  • MPLS, GRE, Q-in-Q Double VLAN

Performance and Availability

1440 Every MinuteSM Intrusion and Protection Platform offers the best of both worlds—security and high performance. It combines a single-pass, protocol-based inspection architecture with
purpose-built, carrier-class hardware to achieve real-world inspection of more than 40 Gbps with
a single device. Its efficient architecture preserves performance regardless of security settings,
while other IPS solutions can experience up to a 50% reduction in throughput with security-overperformance policies. We also provide active-active and active-passive with stateful failover,
enabling you to meet high availability SLAs, while avoiding the bottlenecks of slower performing
appliances or over-burdened stand-alone solutions.
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