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Best in Class Threat Management with Every MinuteSM Managed Security Services

Enterprise security continues to grow in complexity and cost. This growth demands an ever-increasing share of IT resources to administer. Inadequate security protection impacts all areas of your business- financial, legal, administrative. A security incident creates indirect and intangible costs that are hard to recover from. Can you afford negative public relations? Loss of market credibility? Regulatory non-compliance? Customer dissatisfaction?

1440 Security?s Every Minute Managed Security Services provides data protection, reporting, administrative control, and cost mitigation. Let 1440 increase your security posture, scalability, and flexibility.

Why Managed Security Services?

  • Cost management & IT investment control
  • Rapid deployment
  • Operations scalability
  • Access to certified security resources
  • Focus IT resources on core business
  • Managed SIEM

    1440 Security Every Minute SM SIEM Services provide world-class expertise, threat intelligence, efficiency and automation otherwise unavailable to most organizations by collecting, analyzing and storing logs from networks, hosts and critical applications. Gain greater visibility and achieve more effective identification and mitigation of security threats and compliance validation today. Learn More.
  • Advanced Threat Detection & Response

    1440 Security Every Minute Threat Detection provides real-time analytics and advanced correlation to identify suspicious or malicious activity in your enterprise. Our trained Security Analysts have eyes-on-glass 24x7x365 to evaluate real time security event notifications, weed out false positives, and deliver high fidelity round-the-clock managed threat identification according to your individual escalation policy. Learn More.
  • Intrusion Detection & Protection

    Every Minute Intruder Alert and Protection Service? is built on Acalvio?s ShadowPlex? Distributed Deception on Demand Platform to provide early and accurate detection of potential threat actors on a dynamic, scalable, virtual environment with virtually zero false positives. Get real-time threat detection to identify true positive security events in a network through the use of an extensive number of fake assets (deception farms). Learn More.
  • Managed Endpoint Monitoring & Detection

    Every Minute Endpoint Protection delivers behavior based next generation malware defense and managed threat detection services leveraging ENSILO?s Endpoint Security technology to provide pre-infection Next Generation Anti-Virus and Endpoint Detection and Response, to contain attacks, prevent data leakage and block malware communications. Learn More.
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